вторник, 31 января 2017 г.

reading report / january

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i enjoy traditions - small and big. i enjoy making plans and actually making them happen. i enjoy having a system, a structure. not in everything, but at least in something. this is why coming up with an idea to write a monthly reading report made me feel really good. it is the end of the first month of two thousand seventeen, a year when i plan to read sixty books as a part of goodreads reading challenge (last year i planned fifty and read fifty nine instead) and i have read five books so far. i am overjoyed to tell you about them today. apart from that, i continue pointing out that you can always follow me on goodreads in order to keep up with what i am reading, as well as planning to read by adding books to my "to-read" list.

воскресенье, 29 января 2017 г.

meet nadja bolding

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rules exist to be broken sometimes, right? i am saying so, because i would like you to meet someone who is far from being in her twenties, but it did not stop me from sending her my tiny questionnaire for the blog, which is dedicated to being in your twenties. i believe we can always learn from one another, so why loose the opportunity? i knew that i would do it again, when i did an interview with christie, and yes, here i am! i found out about nadja bolding, because she is a ksenia schnaider customer, so when she posted a picture wearing demi-denims, i saw her profile and started following her right away. i rarely do it. i follow a lot of people, yes, but i only follow those, who post things that i really enjoy. the more time went by, the clearer it became that nadja has an amazing aesthetic - the way she gets dressed, the way her room looks, the way she puts things together, the way she captures her life. so, when i started thinking about people whom i would like to feature on my blog this year, i knew she would definitely be among them. her page is a source of inspiration, a pleasure for your eye and i want you to not only see that, but also know about nadja a little bit more.

вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

inspired by the women`s march

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i rarely talk about politics here, but sometimes i do, because it is important. we must be aware of what is going on in the world we live in, we must remember that being active is important. there is no way you would be able to protect yourself, if you had no idea what rights you have as well as how to protect them. being open-minded, eager to learn and to explore, as well as ready to discuss the existing issues out loud is as important today as ever. i could not stand reading the news on the twentieth of january, because you-know-who became the president of the united states. i am among those who cannot believe that this is for real, that this could actually happen, but it did. this is the reality today. so, i ignored the news as much as i could on friday, but i could not stop refreshing my feed the next day, when the women`s march took place. actually, it would be more correct to say "women`s marches", because there were more than six hundred marches all around the world on all (!) continents. can you even imagine it? fantastic!!! this is exactly what i would like to discuss today, because it was an incredible day and there is a lot of work to be done!

четверг, 19 января 2017 г.

a day in the life

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i continue not being able to believe how intense life is these days, as well as how quickly time flies. i had a few posts in mind for today, but then managed to write none of them on time, so i am writing this one instead. it is five thirty nine pm right now and i am not done with my work yet, but i need a break to clear my head and to be able to finish it a little bit later. my work has no fixed schedule, which is a good and a bad thing simultaneously. i am listening to songs from "a seat at the table" - last album of solange, a true work of art. enjoying it more than anything she has ever done before, feeling in tune with the songs, melodies, words. make sure to read this interview with her for the inerview magazine. also i am drinking my all-time favourite and ultimate drinking choice - black tea with bergamot. a candle from muji is burning, filling the room with the magical smell of hinoki wood, making me feel that i am in the bubble of my own world. life has been hectic, and i have been trying to find moments of calmness and quiteness in all of this mess. 

понедельник, 16 января 2017 г.

one year at ksenia schnaider

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i remember very clearly how intense my desire to work was, when i was at school. i spent last years feeling limited and extremely bored. i hated doing things for the sake of doing them and because you were simply supposed to, expected to. i could not wait to be set free, to make my own choices, to lead a conscious life, to be deliberate. as university came, it turned out that it did not differ from school much. there was no feeling that i was getting any closer to the real world, so i started looking for an opportunity to do so myself outside of any official and mandatory institution. i have already written about it last year here and here in details. have a look, if you are curious to find out more about my first job ever and what came afterwards. meanwhile today i would like to talk a little bit about my first full year of work, about my first proper anniversary at a company, ksenia schnaider, which is a fashion brand, founded in two thousand eleven by a womenswear designer ksenia and a graphic designer, who is now also busy being an art-director at yandex, anton schnaider.

четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

blog plans for two thousand seventeen

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hey, you! after making some global plans for the year, it is time to make it clear what you can expect from "what being twenty is like" in the twelve upcoming months. i have been working on this blog for a little bit over a year now and it is a huge pleasure for me to keep on doing it. first of all, i want you to know that i will keep on talking about such subjects as self-help and self-motivation, inspiration, healthy life routineworking and building a career, important issues we face in the modern world (sexism, for example), as well as basics, such as reading and writing, travelling and anything and everything that matters when you are in your twenties. i invite you on this journey with me. let`s have a great year together! let`s discuss what is important and help each other, when it is necessary. shall we?

понедельник, 9 января 2017 г.

hello, two thousand seventeen

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hello-o-o-o! happy new year <3 i hope you had an enjoyable new year`s eve. i did. it was the third time in a row, when i celebrated new year with my boyfriend at home in a very cosy and warm atmosphere. this year we decided to make it even more simple - we ate a delicious lunch out and then had all sorts of appetizers and champagne later at night back home. we opened gifts at midnight and then i was asleep before one am. i woke up early the next day to do my first set of surya namaskara (sun salutation) and read.

january has been good to me, because i prepared for it. i mentioned it in my december good things list - i spent the last month of the year not simply dealing with the current to-do list, but also getting ready for january. for example, i have written a few articles, that will be published soon (one of them already has been), and it was such a joy to see my text out during the very first few days of the year! this situation proved once again how important planning is, and that is why today i would like to discuss a few plans of mine for the year two thousand seventeen with you. i am excited and curious to see what these three hundred sixty days will be like. so what am i going to do?