понедельник, 29 августа 2016 г.

on waking up early

(текст на русском - ниже)

as a child i could not understand why my mother kept on waking up early even on weekends. yes, i knew she had a busy schedule and a lot of home routine to cope with, but i also thought that if she could not get rest on the weekend, when would she? for me weekends meant an opportunity to go to bed late and then sleep for as long as possible. it seemed like it made a lot of sense until i realized that it did not at all, but it took me a while. it was a breakthrough when i understood - if you wake up at the same time every day, it is never stressful for your body and your mind; it is much easier and more enjoyable. even though i have already written a post about my morning routine, i would like to tell you about my early mornings and their importance.

пятница, 26 августа 2016 г.

мудрость ван гога

в своем июльском списке хорошего я упоминала о том, что взялась за перечитывание уже прочтенных мною книг. теперь я просто подхожу к своему книжному царству и рассматриваю полки так, словно нахожусь в магазине и выбираю что-нибудь новенькое. я уже перечитала автобиографию моррисси, а также немного кундеры. теперь же мои руки дошли до писем винсента ван гога. кажется, практически никто не знает о том, что это издание существует, а сегодня когда я "отправилась" в онлайн-магазин, чтоб его купить и отправить по почте нескольким дорогим мне людям, оказалось, что его везде раскупили. и это неудивительно, так как в текстах ван гог раскрывается как невероятный мыслитель. 

понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

questionnaire / part one

last autumn i was lucky to be in paris, when my favourite and the most special bookstore "shakespeare and company" opened a coffee shop next door. obviously, i thought they needed one, but i had no idea it was a project in progress. so, when one day i saw a picture of a paper cup of coffee with a geotag "shakespeare and company café", i could not believe my eyes. naturally, it took me some time to come there. now i find it outrageous, because i lived really-really close to it, but somehow i did not go there right away. then there was a very bad day with my mood being very low, so i got dressed and left home. i walked and walked around the neighbourhood and finally "arrived" to the entrance of the cafe. oh, how excited i was. even before entering it, my heart became warm. the place itself was small and there were not that many tables, but there was one free place next to the window, a perfect one for me. i got there with my tiny paper cup of coffee with a new book that i have just bought at the store and i looked outside. it was a perfect moment. i felt so good. all of my worries were forgotten. i was happy.

пятница, 19 августа 2016 г.

big birthday post

as i was thinking about my upcoming birthday and as i was feeling upset about the fact that none of my plans worked out this year, i realized that i have been extremely lucky throughout the years of my life, that is why i decided to go back to my previous birthdays. before writing this post, i opened folders with pictures and memories were so bright, that i felt happy instantly, as if i were there. of course, i would write about it all! it is going to be quite an adventure, because i turned nineteen in paris, twenty - in stockholm and twenty one - somewhere on the beach in turkey. today i am turning twenty two in kiev, which is actually more than just fine too, because who you are with matters much more than where you are.

вторник, 16 августа 2016 г.

on work ethics

first of all, from my point of view, work is very important. i cannot imagine a life not working. i sincerely do not understand people who are not willing to make an effort to do something with their lives. at the same time, i cannot imagine a life hating your job, which is what happens all the time. that is why i believe you should take quite some time and maybe try out a few positions in order to figure out where your interests and your abilities become a perfect combination. this path is neither simple, nor quick, but definitely a worthy one. therefore, if you are willing to have a fulfilling life, never stop asking yourself: "what is essential for me right now?" and do that. i have previously written about my work experience here and here, but today i would like to concentrate on an issue of work ethic.

пятница, 12 августа 2016 г.

on coming home / growing up

i left my home town right after turning sixteen. it was a long-awaited moment, which i have been planning for years. i have always known that i would move after my high school graduation. staying has never been an option for me. never! and i am so grateful that i had a chance to do it. i am so happy i was supported and loved on my way to my dream, which led me to the fullfilment of my other dreams - big and small.

i am turning twenty two in a week. it is so hard to believe it, because at sixteen it seemed like such a distant thing, such an adult moment. i looked at those who were in their twenties and i saw them as actual adults. at the same time, i thought i was an adult too (at least, in my mind). and now... six years later i think "wait, what? this is what twenty two feels like? really?". however, the truth is that i have never believed in age. i knew people who were older than me, but wanted so little in life, whereas i was filled with goals. i could not wait for the moment to come when i could finally open up and work hard. so even though i have never thought it was essential how old you were, i could never stop analyzing age anyway. this is exactly what i am doing here right now.

вторник, 9 августа 2016 г.

ksenia schnaider x oh,my presentation

we have all been in the position, where you think "oh, no, it is monday tomorrow" or "ugh, it is monday already", but i have recently discovered that every day can feel like monday and vice versa - mondays can be great too. this was exactly the case yesterday, when we held a presentation of a collaboration between ksenia schnaider and oh,my. everything happened at the least expected location for a fashion event - a modern library bOtan. frankly speaking, i wanted to put everything aside, pick a book from the shelf and read at a cosy spot. however this was not an option! there were so many things to do. luckily, we had great partners. our guests had a chance to eat delicious and healthy cakes by lite delight and try out a new set of healthy drinks by detox shop. it is not news, but you can really make choices, that are both tasty and healthy. even though i ate a burger at one planet afterwards, ha-ha (it was green, ha-ha part two). by the way, i did not have to mention any of the brands, when people are doing a great job, why not?

воскресенье, 7 августа 2016 г.

meet anastasiia nesterenko

сегодня отличный день, потому что у меня для тебе знакомство с еще одной девушкой, которая вдохновляет меня своими мыслями и действиями. зовут её настя нестеренко, и ей двадцать три. она живет в питере, который не только очень красиво снимает для своего профиля в instagram но еще и невероятно тонко и душевно описывает. её посты не пролистываешь в ленте, а оставляешь, чтобы вчитаться и получить наслаждение. каждая публикация - мини-история, после которой всегда хочется еще. кроме того, несколько месяцев назад настя создала свой креативный проект - "классная комната", в рамках которого она и её команда организовывают лекции, встречи, воркшопы. очень надеюсь, однажды побывать на одном из них и познакомиться лично. несмотря на то, что за настей я "слежу" уже довольно давно, почему-то только после ее поста о том, каково жить, когда тебе уже двадцать, но еще не тридцать, меня осенило. я тут же написала насте и она очень быстро мне ответила, за что я безгранично ей благодарна, ведь теперь у меня есть возможность не только рассказать о ней, но и немного вас познакомить. 

понедельник, 1 августа 2016 г.

good things list / july

wow! it is august today already, i cannot believe it. this month is special for me, because that is the month when i was born. also it has always been the time to prepare for school or university, which equals to buying new stationery (and i am such a fan even now). on top of that, i love autumn, because of the weather, so basically august is the period of waiting for that. what about july? what was it like? there were some highs and some lows (extreme ones), but i reached my goal to find ten good things in the end, which is an extra reason to be glad and grateful. my experiment is going well - i am learning to appreciate little things, i am learning to be more positive, which is great. no matter how complicated things get, there are always simple joys of life, that we keep on seeing as basic, but that are actually essential. therefore, let`s begin!