понедельник, 27 февраля 2017 г.

reading report / february

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at first i thought that i would start this post by saying that it was difficult to find time to read in february. there were a few very important deadlines throughout the month, so basically the time that i would usually spend reading, like early mornings or late evenings, was dedicated to finishing important tasks. however, this thought reminded me of something, that i keep on pointing out to others all the f time - you either make time for something or you don`t. i do not have more time than anyone else, but i have priorities.

for example, i hoped to go back to yoga studio after not being able to go in january and then i just saw that rationally i could not afford giving away three hours (to get there, to be there, to go back) and i had to skip it. i felt guilty and upset, because i really wanted to go and because it made me feel so much better, but i just did not have enough time. instead i tried to do a litle bit of yoga here and there at home. something is always better than nothing. whereas with reading, i just love and need it so much, that i have to read at least a tiny bit every single day to remain sane, so i make it happen. that is why i would like to let you know one more time - if you want to read more - have a look at how you spend your time and get rid of something, because this is the only way to get things done. it works the same way for everything. i know that in march i am going to oversee my schedule one more time to make yoga studio a part of it again, but that is a subject for another post. books are what we are here today to discuss, right? YES <3

четверг, 23 февраля 2017 г.

long hair vs. short hair

above is what my hair looked like this summer after i cut it once again. when i saw this picture, i felt an intense desire to cut it that way again, even though in november when i visitted the hairdresser for the last time i "made a decision" to cut my ends and then grow my hair out for as long as my patience would let me. well, a few months later i am not so sure about it anymore. i am writing this text at the end of february and i feel that spring is coming, so i want everything to be fresh. short hair somehow equals fresh for me. after i decided to make a change and to cut my hair visibly for the first time about four years ago, i kept on having these thoughts, i kept on coming back and forth - do i want short hair or do i want to grow back long hair again? i have no idea what i am going to do, so let`s talk about hair even more! i wonder, how many times i will manage to use the word "hair" in this text? shall i count when i am done? ;-)

понедельник, 20 февраля 2017 г.

on waking up even earlier

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hello! maybe you know, maybe you don`t, but last year i wrote a couple of posts dedicated to mornings. one was about my morning routine and another one was about waking up early. there were a few months in between them, and now six months later i feel like it is perfectly fine to touch upon this subject again. why? well, because i have recently decided to wake up even earlier. i must admit, that doing so gives me an opportunity to do what i enjoy the most, therefore i have extreme motivation, but sometimes it is hard anyway.

пятница, 17 февраля 2017 г.

meet christina-maria kravvari

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one of the reasons why i love my job so much is an opportunity to meet extraordinary people from all around the world. christina-maria kravvari is twenty six years old, she is based in athens, greece, where she works as a fashion editor and a writer at marie claire greece. after e-mailing back and forth for months, i had a chance to meet christina in person in october when we were both in paris for fashion week. we had coffee and even managed to attend a re-see event of the latest louis vuitton collection together. it was a huge pleasure for me to meet her personally and to talk a little bit about all sorts of things. it is always joyful to meet someone ambitious, but also genuine and kind. christina is exactly that way, so naturally i wanted you to meet her! follow christina-maria on instagram to see her daily life in athens, as well as during her trips for fashion weeks in london, milan and paris. i am always inspired by what she posts! by the way, the song christina suggests in the end is the one that i could not stop listening after she had mentioned it. this is exactly why i am fond of this questionnaire - it is always a chance to find something out.

понедельник, 13 февраля 2017 г.

дай себе шанс

disclaimer: почти каждый абзац этого текста начинается с "я", потому что этот текст именно таков. он о том, что моё/твоё "я" имеет право на существование, имеет право на веру в себя, имеет право на еще один шанс! 

я много об этом думаю и периодически говорю на эту тему со своими близкими, а сегодня мне очень захотелось написать об этом, чтобы разделить эти мысли с тобой. с первого дня нашей жизни нас оценивают по разным параметрам. сначала нас это совершенно не трогает, а потом напрямую влияет на то, как мы сами себя воспринимаем и в итоге во многом формирует нашу жизнь. страшно об этом думать, но я уверена в том, что многие могли бы достичь большего и быть счастливее, если бы не дали посторонним голосам убедить их в том, что они не смогут что-то сделать.

четверг, 9 февраля 2017 г.

cheer up / part two

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i don`t know about you, but winter is really tough for me to deal with, especially taking to consideration how extreme and how long it is in a country like ukraine. it started being pretty cold in early october and november was just freezing. basically there was no proper autumn, just like there was no proper spring a few months before that. so, i would say winter started in early november and it won`t be over until the middle or even the very end of march, which is pretty upsetting. the hardest thing is the temperature. it has been minus fifteen lately, which felt like minus twenty one. i have no idea what kind of clothes one is supposed to have to be able to feel warm in such conditions. by late january or early february i always get really-really tired of winter. i just want to be able to wear a jacket and a sweater and feel comfortable, but NO, you need ten layers of clothing and it won`t be enough anyway. as a result, i get moody all the time and nothing seems to be good enough to feel fine. naturally, it is not an option to let yourself be that way for a couple of months in a row, so i am in a permanent search of various ways to cheer myself up. last year i wrote a short piece about some of the things and actions that made me feel better in winter, and today i would like to share with you a few more. the fun thing is that this time i am going to be pretty specific, as all of them involve scents.

вторник, 7 февраля 2017 г.

ksenia schnaider fw 17 presentation

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when you work in fashion, your life is divided into seasons and collections. that is what all of your plans and memories are based on. exactly a year ago i helped organizing ksenia schnaider fall-winter 16 presentation at mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, whereas five months ago we organized a runway show to present spring-summer 17 collection. in between those there were a tradeshow in paris, then another one in berlin and a presentation of a collaboration in kiev. after our runway show in september, we went to warsaw and did another one there, as well as brought the collection to a showroom in paris. just two weeks before this presentation, a part of the new collection was presented at the same tradeshow as last year in berlin. it is fun to be able to have a recap of a year in your life that way. today i am excited to tell you about our latest event, a presentation of fall-winter 17 collection by ksenia schnaider at mercedes-benz kiev fashion days that took place on the fourth of february. so what was it like?

четверг, 2 февраля 2017 г.

good things list / january

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hey! if you are new here, let me tell you - at the end of each month i write a list of good things that happened to me within the last thirty days. i try to come up with experiences and actions, not purchases or extraordinary things, that are not available to everyone, but of course sometimes they appear on the lists too. i have been writing these lists for a year now and i must say - they remind me to appreciate my life and its details, they teach me to put bigger value on simple things instead of the big ones, which is something i really need, because i am constantly in my head thinking about my goals and how i could achieve them and what i have not done yet in order to do it. life is hard, but we make it even harder with our negative thinking. this is what i am trying to change in myself and something i encourage you to try too!