понедельник, 29 мая 2017 г.

a day in berlin / edition two

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after writing this post about my first day in berlin, i realized that i would love to tell you about literally every single day of my trip, but that would be insanse, so i won`t do it. however, there is no way i won`t tell you about my other day in berlin, because i enjoyed being there so much, and i cannot wait to be back! 

четверг, 25 мая 2017 г.

meet elena bazu

(english version is available below)

ура <3 очень долго ждала этого момента, и вот я наконец-то делюсь этим постом с тобой! сегодня - время опросника с леной базу, человеком, который вдохновляет меня своими действиями. в лене мне особенно импонирует её основательный подход ко всему, за что она берется. совершенно не удивительно, что это отчетливо видно по её ответам на мои простые и короткие вопросы. очень хочется верить в то, что прочитав их, ты задумаешься о себе, о своей жизни, о том, куда ты направляешься и там ли хочешь оказаться.

понедельник, 22 мая 2017 г.

a day in berlin

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it is the third of may and i have an early flight from kiev to berlin, which is very exciting and very convenient, as i will have almost a full day in the city on my very first day of the trip. i get to the airport and i enjoy how empty it is. i keep on saying that i love early mornings. well, i do love them. i am obsessed with them! early mornings make me feel good. everything is better early in the morning. i have a cup of not so good coffee, which is fine anyway, because i just want to drink some coffee right here right now. and yes that is despite knowing that i will be in berlin soon with plenty of options of great coffee, which i am not even capable of appreciating properly, because i am not one of those coffee connoisseurs. anyway, fast forward to arriving to berlin. i have this weird feeling of not realizing fully that i am not in kiev anymore, that i am not supposed to work today, that today and for two more weeks i will have a different set of activities every single day. it seems surreal! 

пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.

back home

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hello-hello <3 i have not been here for two weeks, which is unbelievable. i have just had a vacation, if you did not know. i am so happy to be back, i am so happy to finally turn thoughts into typed words again. i have missed my blog and i have missed my laptop, because that is how i get access to the blog and to you! i am finally going to tell you about my trip soon. very soon! i simply need a few more days to get back to my regular life routine and to adjust to it. i came back a little over a day ago and it has been extremely hectic, because there was so much to deal with right away, but i am trying to keep a special mood, to remain in a special state that has been filling me during my trip. frankly speaking, it is not an easy task, but i am a determined one.

четверг, 4 мая 2017 г.

good things list / april

can you believe that one third of two thousand seventeen is gone? i am incapable of it! how quickly and incredibly smoothly time goes by. it is surreal and unbelievable, but it is our reality. april was a rollercoaster, although weren`t the previous months the same? there were a couple of great weeks and a couple of extremely challenging and painful ones. it was a complicated month, and it was also important. so many things happened, but to sum it up - it ended well, really-really well. once again, i kept on thinking - what a lucky human being i am, and gratitude filled every tiny space in me. last week i published a post with photos of me taken by tanya on her film camer and i wrote: "i am both content to be where i am right now and impatiently excited about everything that is coming soon". these words are a perfect embodiment of my state of mind. april was a hell of a month, and i am in a way relieved that it is over, but i am also grateful that it happened. i wonder what future will be like, but i make an effort to concentrate on what is happening right here right now.

вторник, 2 мая 2017 г.

reading report / april

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april was not a stable month in terms of everything that took place in life, but it was a stable one in terms of reading. i read three new books and re-read an old one. it was definitely one of those months when i needed reading to take my thoughts away from the things that bothered me and it managed to do it successfully. also i started using another book that i will tell you about a little later. after finishing "a little life" in march, i had no idea what to read next. it felt as if no other literary work would be good enough, so i went for non-fiction instead. apart from that i was in the mood to think about things, to analyze them, to make decisions and change something. therefore, my choices were natural and perfectly on time. i was extremely excited to discover adam grant, whose work resembles a lot to what malcolm gladwell (whose fan i am and whose books i love) has been doing for quite a while now. it was incredibly interesting and fulfilling to read his two books in one month. i am now eager to get his new book, that he has written together with sheryl sandberg - "option b" as soon as possible.